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Loyalty’s Web

Heléne de Laurant can never forget her days of terror when the Earl of Gunthar’s army shattered the walls of her home in the name of the king. It does not surprise her that someone wants revenge for the havoc he has wrought in Poitou. But she refuses to believe an attack on his life points to treason from her family and friends. She has known and trusted them all her life, unlike the forbidding, flint-eyed earl who seems inexplicably drawn to her commonplace face and figure. She cannot afford to forget her ties of loyalty, just because the earl’s attentions fluster her make her heart beat a little too fast.

Gunthar finds Heléne’s refusal to accept the obvious both annoying and dangerous. Her best friend was caught with the assassin’s dagger in his hand. However much her fiery spirit fascinates him and the alluring glow of her anger stirs his desire, he cannot allow himself to be as blind as she. His life and the kingdom’s safety depends on keeping his head clear and maintaining his loyalty to the king. He has sworn to stamp out rebellion among these Poitevin rebels. Even if it means losing the only woman who has ever made him feel whole when the justice he deals out engulfs the people she loves.

Heléne and Gunthar must decide where their true allegiance lies before they open their hearts to one another. But first they will have to outwit the true traitor in their midst.

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“Through their kisses and caresses they experienced a joy and wonder the equal of which has never been known or heard of. But I shall be silent…; for the rarest and most delectable pleasures are those which are hinted at, but never told.” ~ Chrétien de Troyes, 12th Century poet

Loyalty's Web

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